AkzoNobel’s International® brand sustainable epoxy primers offer better performance, productivity and compliance, using less material than traditional primers. The unique high-build, low-VOC (below 250 g/L), anti-corrosive primer formulations allow greater flexibility of application and compliance in steel construction. Part of the International range of protective coatings, each of the two new primers offers the added benefit of faster dry times, a wider range of dry film thickness, and easy spray application straight from the can.

Intergard 251HS is a zinc phosphate epoxy primer with extended re-coat suitable for a wide variety of atmospheric environments. Fast cure is achieved at ambient temperature, with an even faster cure in lower temperatures. Film build properties make this primer an excellent choice for two-coat systems.

Intergard 2575 is a higher performance zinc phosphate epoxy primer option with the added protection of micaceous iron oxide for medium to high corrosive environments. With a durable low-to-high film build, the coating offers consistent high performance and fast dry, fast handling, and fast re-coating capability.

Intergard 251HS and Intergard 2575 share a common set of part B converters, which carry the color and have two cure speed options. A wide range of corrosion protection and tuned-dry and re-coat times can be provided with fewer SKUs to manage. No thinners are needed, so easy two-step mixing means fewer materials used on the job, giving applicators a competitive, cost-saving edge. The coatings can be used as a primer only with topcoat or re-coat applied up to 12 months later, or as part of a multi-coat system onsite or in the shop.

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