SPECTRACRON® SPU conductive and non-conductive urethane primers are the first products of their kind to be engineered for application over multiple plastic substrates, such as METTON® LMR (liquid molding resin) and sheet-molded composite (SMC) plastics.

Spectracron SPU enables heavy-duty equipment (HDE) and automotive component manufacturers to prime parts made from multiple plastic substrates with a single product.

In addition to being compatible with a wide range of plastic substrates, Spectracron SPU conductive primer reduces wet-on-wet times to three minutes, allowing manufacturers to finish parts several minutes sooner than is possible with other conductive plastic primers.

Spectracron SPU non-conductive and the PACCAR-approved conductive primer are formulated to harmonize with PPG’s OEM-approved two-component (2K) topcoat, giving manufacturers the option to streamline their inventories by stocking an integrated primer and coatings system from a single supplier.

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