PHILADELPHIA — Axalta Coating Systems announced its new collection of Tufcote™ Protective Rail Car coatings that are formulated to meet the needs of the industrial rail car and transportation industry. The product line includes easy-to-apply, high-build coatings that deliver superior protection when applied to properly prepared substrates.

"Rail car and transportation maintenance structures are constructed to last and need a tough, durable finish to ensure their sturdy build stays intact," said Michael Heineman, Axalta's Vice President of Rail and High Performance Coatings. "Our new Tufcote line's formulations and field-proven technologies yield lasting results, improving the durability, protection and aesthetics of these substrates over time."

Axalta's expansion into the industrial rail car segment provides the industry with cost-effective products that are designed to protect rail assets and transportation equipment from chemical and corrosion damage, weathering, and chipping, while still maintaining a beautiful finish. Tufcote protective coatings are ideal for use on railcars, steel storage tanks and heavy equipment.

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