BALTIMORE — Dunleary Inc. announced its new corporate identity, The Terra Firma Co. LLC.

Terra Firma’s mission is to offer stability to chemical suppliers and customers in an evolving world. The company serves 28 states, has more than 50 employees and covers a wide array of chemical markets, including the CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, and elastomers) industry.

“Our three companies made a collective decision to combine and form Terra Firma, our vision of sure footing during changing times,” said David Behan, CEO. “This was facilitated by our closely shared values, strong belief in customer centricity, and changes in world markets.”

Headquartered in Towson, Maryland, Terra Firma will maintain local sales, customer service and distribution in Baltimore, Boston and Dallas, ensuring comprehensive coverage of its geographic markets and preserving longstanding relationships. It is among a new class of distributors referred to as "super multi-regional" specialty chemical distributors.

"Our longevity has allowed us to provide our customers and principal partners with dependable and familiar faces that are always ready to serve. And by offering this stability, we allow them to focus on necessary changes while we remain a valued constant, or as our name implies, solid ground," Behan said.

The three founding companies of Terra Firma have operated across multiple regions of the United States since 1949 (Dunleary), 1951 (DN Lukens) and 1975 (D&F). Dunleary first announced its acquisition of the two companies in July 2017, with the deals being completed on Sept. 29.

Newly hired Dirk Plas is EVP, Principal Expectations. An experienced global executive with a strong track record of business growth, Plas was President and CEO of BYK USA for the past 14 years and is uniquely qualified to provide a comprehensive perspective to Terra Firma.

Terra Firma's management team includes COO John Lukens, President William Chestnutt and Executive Vice President Julia Williams.