CENTER VALLEY, PA – Avantor® Performance Materials LLC introduced a new corporate logo and visual identity. The change comes two months after Avantor merged with NuSil™ Technology to form a global supplier of ultra-high-purity life sciences and advanced technologies materials with strict regulatory and performance specifications.

“Following the merger of Avantor and NuSil Technology, we needed to give our company a fresh look that reflects our corporate evolution and global footprint,” said Michael Stubblefield, CEO of Avantor. “With input from customers and other key stakeholders, we developed a logo and corporate identity that aligns with the value we offer our global customers.”
Avantor logo

The most striking element of the new corporate logo is a symbol called the “petals of life,” which flows from the corporate name and is a direct homage to Avantor’s focus on collaborative innovation and working with customers to solve their business challenges at any scale.

“Avantor is known for our unique approach to identifying and solving the specific business and operational challenges faced by our global customers,” continued Stubblefield. “We develop custom solutions and connect customers with the right, high-quality products to meet their unique needs. Our new corporate logo is emblematic of this collaborative approach to innovation and problem solving.”

The new corporate logo will be rolled out methodically over the coming months on all company platforms, including facility signage, web properties, promotional materials, product labels and documentation.