CLEVELAND – DayGlo Color Corp. recently unveiled a new brand identity that symbolizes the company’s forward-thinking business transformation and reiterates its commitment to enhancing color for customers.   The new brand identity marks the culmination of a company improvement program that began in 2019 following the appointment of Cathie McKinley as President. At that time, DayGlo began implementing process improvements across all business operations, from manufacturing and procurement to customer service and R&D.  

“The transformation at DayGlo began by looking at our customers, their markets and how we can support their businesses,” McKinley said. “Ultimately, we strive to be a company that’s easy to work with, making us an ideal partner for future collaborations. This rebranding, much like our pigments, is dynamic and captures how our color is a catalyst to inspire and create new possibilities for ourselves and our customers.”  

In order to meet customer demand, the company has made investments to expand manufacturing capacity at its Cleveland-based headquarters. Manufacturing improvements are enabling DayGlo to produce better products more quickly and efficiently. It has also invested in its workforce, which has grown by 7%. Additionally, DayGlo is providing employees with more training and professional development opportunities. Sustainability has been at the forefront of DayGlo’s process improvements. A case in point is the company’s reduction in water usage during production, saving millions of gallons annually. 

DayGlo has also broadened its product offerings to include more sustainable products, most notably with the launch of the Ezentus and Elara product lines. Ezentus is a new class of formaldehyde free, high-performance fluorescent pigments. The colorants are made with user-friendly materials that eliminate chemicals of concern without compromising performance. These pigments can be used in a variety of applications where traditional fluorescent colorants cannot, such as in inks, coatings, flexible PVC and EVA foam.   

“Operational process improvement has been central to leading and supporting our ability to grow as a business,” McKinley said. “We truly come to work every day with vivid imaginations to rethink how color can excite and enhance our lives with breakthroughs for brands and businesses. At DayGlo, we are the embodiment of color expression. We’re excited to unveil our new brand that matches our brightest and boldest ideas for customers.” 

The new brand icon, known as the Color Burst, encapsulates DayGlo’s commitment to being a reimagined company that can create new possibilities. The Color Burst symbolizes the dynamic science of fluorescent color through the activation of photons in a precise, engineered style. Its dynamic energy embodies DayGlo’s ability to reinvent itself while still offering an industry-leading, high-quality product to customers.  

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