Titan has expanded its line of professional protective coatings sprayers with the new plural component Helix™ VR2.3 system. Featuring Titan's exclusive SureFire™ heating system and electronically integrated proportioning, the Helix VR2.3 is the industry's most advanced system for applying protective coatings that require consistent, accurate material temperatures and precise variable ratio control.

The Helix VR2.3's Smart Select variable ratio proportioner enables continual communication between pumps – communicating back and forth more than 60 times per revolution. For more consistent chemical processing, it has a smart connect dual pump system that precisely meters the A and B component, improving accuracy by 3 to 5 percent over the current industry standard. The Helix VR2.3 system can be set for any ratio between 1:1 and 1:4. It is also lightweight and has a small footprint for better portability.

The Helix's SureFire heating system provides active heat throughout the entire system – at the pump, through the hose and all the way up to the gun where the temperature can be verified and adjusted. When compared to competitive one-pass heaters, SureFire's wrap-around design has longer dwell time and a larger surface area for greater transfer of heat, while using less power. In addition, the heating rod is completely isolated from the coating, so there is no failure from chemical or atmospheric exposure, and it is easy to change wattage and make repairs without opening the system. Heater blocks are easily customizable from 3 kw to 18 kw, and they are modular, so blocks can be added or removed.

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