Apollo Sprayers International Inc. has developed two auto-body spray finishing systems, the TWIN-TURBO Maxi-Miser® 3000™ for production collision repair centers and the lightweight and portable Maxi-Miser® 2000™, which is perfect for prep stations and mobile repairs. 

These precision HVLP painting systems are designed with professional body shops in mind. The systems provide continuous clean, warm, dry air without oil or moisture and no need for expensive filters or dryers. The system includes the patented Pressure Control System (PCS™) that controls motor speed, voltage and amperage while adjusting automatically for altitude and barometric pressure; Variable Power Level Control which allows the operator to adjust the atomizing pressure accurate to 1/10th a PSI; LCD Message Center monitors all system functions and (2-3) HVLP spray guns for use with primer, base and clearcoats, a 37’ long flex hose and a two-year limited warranty.

 “By using Apollo’s advanced TrueHVLP™ technology, the Maxi-Miser systems offer dramatically less overspray (80%-90% transfer efficiency), which translates to a documented 40% savings on paint and 40% reduction in overspray. Body shops that use the Maxi-Miser painting systems see immediate savings in paint consumption, reduction in changing booth filters, no need for desiccant dryers and increased throughput. In addition, users have experienced amazing finish results with solvent or waterborne Basecoats, Metallics and Clears.” states John Darroch, President of Apollo Sprayers International, Inc.

Visit www.maxi-miser.com.