CHEMLINE 7025 is a polyurea hybrid coating used to protect trucks and trailers against rust and corrosion due to weather, de-icing chemicals and other adverse conditions. It provides an exceptional impact- and abrasion-resistant barrier against scratches from gravel and dents from hauling animals or heavy equipment.

CHEMLINE 7025 is a fast-set, spray applied, two-component, polyurea hybrid coating that contains 100% solids and zero VOCs. For expedited productivity and reduced labor cost, it has a gel time of 8 seconds and can be handled as early as 60 seconds. CHEMLINE 7025 is unique in its resistance to blistering in humid application environments.

CHEMLINE 7025 is applied with a 1:1 high pressure, heated plural component proportioning unit and an impingement style spray gun. The recommended spray equipment is the Graco Reactor E-XP2 or H-XP2. Chemline is also a GRACO Top 20 Advanced Distributor and can provide training on use of the liquid materials, as well as the proportioning equipment and spray guns.