VpCI®-386 HT Black is a high heat-resistant, water-based acrylic silicone primer/topcoat that provides protection in harsh, unsheltered outdoor applications. The protective coating significantly delays the reaction of metal ionization and water permeation, which protects against corrosive electrolyte and aggressive environments, thus preventing corrosion. VpCI- 386 HT Black provides a fast-drying thixotropic coating that is resistant to sagging or running. This unique coating offers extended protection for sheltered, unsheltered, outdoor or indoor conditions. Thermally stable when dried from -150 °F to 500 °F (-78° to 260°C), the coating is UV resistant and gives optimal outdoor performance without cracking or chipping upon prolonged exposure to sunlight. It can be used as a topcoat/primer and applied via spray, roller or brush.

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