AMSTERDAM - Customers using AkzoNobel's yacht coatings can now take advantage of a new digital tool that offers a wide selection of colors from the company's Awlgrip product range.

Building on the existing International and AkzoNobel color pallets, the new MIXIT tool includes more than 18,000 colors and is larger than any existing offering on the yacht market. Its newly developed cloud interface also means that users have quick and easy access globally.

The system played a key role in developing the custom-made colors for all the competing teams in the current edition of the Volvo Ocean Race. As the official Boatyard supplier, AkzoNobel coated all the boats in the fleet, while a mixing tool is also traveling around the world to help the shore teams carry out repairs and maintenance at each of the stopovers.

In addition, a new Awlcraft SE product line for yacht owners has been introduced. The basecoat provides a variety of color options, such as solid, metallic and pearl effects, as seen on team AkzoNobel's own race boat. The new solution also decreases the time needed to respond to customer requirements

"This new color offer and digital customer support package will enable us to supply the majority of color requests much faster than before," explained Hans Slegtenhorst, Global Segment Manager for AkzoNobel's Pro and Superyacht business. "By offering such a large database of colors, we will continue to outperform the competition and guarantee premium customer service, thereby standing out as the front-runner in the industry."