LOUISVILLE, KY – WonderPaint Distribution LLC and Muni-Fed Energy Inc. announced an agreement to market WonderRoof™ to fulfill part of southern California’s local utility capacity requirement program. WonderRoof, combined with thermal energy storage technology that works with HVAC systems marketed by Muni-Fed, helps reduce heat load on buildings. The local capacity requirement program deployment, combined with WonderRoof™, will provide energy savings for municipal, commercial and industrial customers for certain cities in Orange County, California.

“The energy savings potential of combining WonderRoof with other qualified and contract technologies could substantially impact both the environment and the bottom line of businesses,” said Clay Sandidge, President of Muni-Fed. “We see this match of products as a perfect combination, and we are very excited to bring them together.”

Bruce Widener, Chief Operating Officer of WonderPaint Distribution, said, “WonderPaint prides itself on its eco-friendly products and their ability to provide lasting benefits to users. Adding WonderRoof to Muni-Fed’s specialized energy-saving technology will provide a unique and powerful approach to reducing building heat loads.”

WonderRoof is a proprietary acrylic urethane coating using nano-technology that offers superior chemical resistance and UV light reflectivity, reducing solar heat absorption by up to 96%, offering huge savings in energy usage and cooling costs. The product is ideal for industrial buildings, warehouses and other large-scale flat commercial rooftops.

Muni-Fed Energy identifies and implements energy efficiency, energy generation and environmental projects and provides business development consulting services to federal, municipal and commercial clients. The company works with clients from project discovery through finance, development and commissioning.