MeCaTeC coatings from Castolin Eutectic are engineered to provide the perfect balance between affordability, application ease and performance. The goal is to make critical industrial parts last much longer. The new MeCaTeC line offers unique enhancements through the use of urethane chemistry to boost flexibility and nano-chemistry to improve toughness.

MeCaFix: Fatigue of metallic components susceptible to wear is not an uncommon occurrence in industrial facilities. The higher the usage, heat, corrosion and dirt, the faster the rate of wear. Premature failure of mechanical components such as shafts, keyways, rollers, bearing housing and mechanical joints can lead to costly downtime. For facility operators, replacement isn’t always a viable option. The parts may not be in stock or the change-out could take too long. MeCaFix is designed to get facilities up and running fast. For fast metal fills, leak repairs and adhesive bonding, MeCaFix 100 is a great choice. For larger repairs and for precision machining, choose MeCaFix 120 for its ease of use, large packaging format and superior alloying content.

MeCaCorr: The MeCaCorr line is designed for wastewater, hydrocarbon service, warm industrial water and chemical exposure. This line of high-performing ceramic-based coatings is designed to extend the life of tanks, vessels and piping systems by providing a superior protective barrier against corrosive attack in some of the toughest industrial environments.

MeCaWear: This line also introduces elastomer-modified technology, which means improved resistance to cracking from impact and flex damage.