CAMARILLO, CA - National Coatings Corp. announced that its Silicone Roof Coatings SRC 740 spray grade, standard viscosity and SRC 750 roller grade, high viscosity, have received the NSF Protocol P151 – Health Effects from Rainwater Catchment System Components certification.

Rainwater catchment systems are those that collect rainwater for use as potable water, and are commonly found in tropical areas such as the U.S. Virgin Islands and Bermuda. To ensure the health and safety of those using this method, NSF created the Rainwater Catchment System Components program. This program establishes testing guidelines for products that come in direct contact with rainwater that is used for drinking. The foundation of this program is NSF P151, a protocol created by a team of NSF scientists and water quality experts that confirm rainwater catchment products do not impart contaminants into the water at levels that exceed U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drinking water regulations or advisories.

“We are pleased to add two more silicone roof coatings to our list of NSF Protocol P151 Certification,” said Chris Whitehouse, National Coatings Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Rainwater catchment systems are in high demand and this gives our customers a larger range of products to select from with the NSF approval.”