At Booth #2384, emergency response information provider CHEMTREC can help you keep your hazmat shipments moving smoothly. Carriers transport hazardous materials and dangerous goods including paint, coatings and other hazmat on a daily basis. Under many dangerous goods and hazardous materials regulations, shippers are required to display an emergency telephone number on shipping documents. This phone number needs to give the caller access to someone with technical knowledge of the product being shipped, 24 hours a day. Shippers are allowed to have their own emergency response desks and some companies do, but many outsource this service to CHEMTREC.

So how does CHEMTREC help when there is a spill, leak or exposure involving your hazmat shipment? Here’s an example of a recent incident involving a paint spill during transportation in North Carolina:

A truck driver pulled over at a truck stop after smelling a leaking product from his trailer. After inspecting his truck he could see that the product was saturating the floor of the trailer, but that none of it had reached the ground yet. The truck driver was hauling 74 55-gallon metal drums, as well as a number of five-gallon pails of a paint-related material.

The shipper was registered with CHEMTREC, so the driver immediately called CHEMTREC to receive more information about the spilled product and proper cleanup procedures. CHEMTREC called the shipper’s emergency contact and left a voicemail requesting a call back to provide incident details.

Meanwhile, an emergency response cleanup team arrived at the scene and provided CHEMTREC with the product name and code from the 55-gallon drum that was found punctured by pallet nails. Two gallons of the product had spilled. CHEMTREC provided the response team with information from the shipper’s Safety Data Sheet (SDS) to help the responders clean up the spill. Once the SDS information was provided, CHEMTREC notified the shipper of the incident details.

Although there were not any medical exposures during this incident, often times there will be. CHEMTREC can connect callers with medical specialists if they are exposed to a hazardous material.

By registering with CHEMTREC, you'll have access to the company’s 24/7 emergency phone number, highly trained emergency service specialists, toxicology and medical specialists, language interpretation services and in-country phone numbers for international compliance. You will also be able to place the CHEMTREC emergency phone number on shipping papers and Safety Data Sheets.

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