Pilot Chemical is showcasing new products from its Masurf® fluorosurfactant line at Booth #1479. Masurf fluorosurfactants offer excellent wetting and leveling properties, low usage levels, and are ideally suited for a broad range of paint and coating applications.

New products Pilot Chemical will highlight at the show include:

Masurf FS-3335A – a water-soluble, anionic fluorosurfactant that gives low aqueous surface tensions with minimal foaming. It offers excellent wetting, leveling, antiblock and dirt pick up resistance. Masurf FS-3335A can be used in a variety of applications including architectural coatings, industrial finishes, floor care formulations and wood coatings.

Masurf FS-3330A – a 30% active C6-based ammonium fluoroaliphatic phosphate ester in an aqueous solution. Masurf FS-3330A imparts protective oil and grease resistance to wood, concrete, stone and tile surfaces used as building materials, including kitchens, flooring and bathrooms. It adds unique surfactant, conditioning, wetting, lubricity and oil/sebum resistance properties.

“The paints and coatings market is a key growth segment for Pilot Chemical,” said David Waizmann, Business Director at Pilot Chemical. “We look forward to ACS each year to learn about new market trends and to develop relationships with industry professionals.”