LA MIRADA, CA – HORN, a distributor of specialty ingredients and raw materials, announced a new partnership with Borregaard, a leader in advanced and sustainable biorefineries. HORN was selected by Borregaard as its exclusive distributor in the Western United States for Exilva®, a first-of-its-kind microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) suitable for large-scale use. HORN represents Borregaard in the Western United States for industrial applications including coatings, adhesives, sealants, construction and other industries.

“In a mature market as ours, it is rare to see new technologies emerge that truly spark creativity and new possibilities,” said Vince Anderson, Vice President, HORN Coatings and Building Materials. “Borregaard breaks through the norm with Exilva by offering a new, sustainable material that not only complements green trends and water-based products, but delivers unique performance for new product lines. HORN’s technical sales team is thrilled with the opportunity to add Borregaard’s Exilva to our lustrous portfolio of best-in-class materials and technologies.”

Exilva is a sustainable performance enhancer made from natural raw materials sourced from Scandinavian forests. It is a unique MFC whereby cellulose fiber is split into a network of microfibrils to achieve a high and active surface area with increased water retention capability. Thus, Exilva is a multifunctional additive and offers superior performance in rheology modification, controls dry-out time, increases stability, improves barriers and enhances uptake of active ingredients.

“Exilva’s robust problem-solving capabilities are unlike other offerings on the market today, so the responsibility of choosing a partner in the U.S. was carefully executed,” said Peter Orizondo, Business Development Director, Exilva America. “HORN’s industry reputation is unmatched and its market presence in the Western U.S. is key to meeting our goals for Exilva in the U.S. The HORN management team is always at the forefront of bringing innovative solutions to customers and Exilva fits well into HORN’s business approach in serving its industries.”