ENDURACAT™ from Dunn-Edwards is an epoxy-fortified, ultra-low-VOC, pre-catalyzed, water-based, single-component interior coating. Enduracat is intended for use on properly prepared interior metal, wood, drywall and masonry, and provides superior adhesion, excellent chemical resistance and outstanding washability.

Enduracat can be applied to interior, high-maintenance, institutional or commercial areas, such as hospitals, schools, hotels and cafeterias. “Enduracat is a high-performance epoxy ideal for use in environments where frequent cleaning, moisture or mildew conditions may exist,” said Neha Koneru, Product Manager for Dunn-Edwards. “Where extra durability and chemical resistance is required, Enduracat delivers on each one.”

The coating is available in semi-gloss, L, M and U bases. Click for more information and technical spec sheets.