WASHINGTON — The American Coatings Association (ACA) is seeking nominations for the 2019 Joseph J. Mattiello Lecture Award. The lecture and award will be presented at the ACA CoatingsTech Conference, which will be held April 8-10, 2019, in Cleveland. Nominations must be received by Oct. 1, 2018.

The selected award recipient will deliver a technical presentation on a phase of chemistry, engineering, human relationship, or other discipline fundamental to paint, coatings, varnish, lacquer, or related protective and decorative coatings. The presentation will consist of a lecture of 50 to 55 minutes, followed by a question and answer session. A completed paper must also be submitted for the conference proceedings and possible inclusion in ACA publications.

Nominations must include an official nomination letter highlighting the outstanding achievements of the nominee; complete biography of the nominee including name, age, and place of birth; current position and brief job history; education and degrees, with dates; a minimum of two letters of support from individuals within the industry; and reference to significant publications and awards.Individuals cannot nominate themselves.

The items cited in the nomination should be pertinent or related to coatings, or be germane to the constituents of coatings. Activities and accomplishments considered appropriate for citation in the nomination include, but are not limited to, publications and communications such as journal articles, patents, books (authored, edited or organized), lectures and presentations, symposia or meetings organized; inventions and discoveries; new scientific principles, understanding or insight; novel uses or applications of products; new or improved processes for production of resins or coatings, etc.; and engineering aspects.

All nominations should be submitted to ssides@paint.org, or Mattiello Memorial Lecture Committee; c/o Steve Sides; American Coatings Association; 901 New York Avenue NW, Suite 300 West; Washington, DC 20001.

The Mattiello Lecture Award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to science, technology, and/or engineering related to the coatings industry. Joseph J. Mattiello, whose memory is commemorated by this award, did much to expand the application of science in the decorative and protective coatings field. Nominations will be ranked by the Mattiello Memorial Lecture Committee based on standards of technical accomplishment, service to the coatings industry and leadership.

Ray Fernando, Arthur C. Edwards Chair in Coatings Technology and Ecology at California State Polytechnic University, received the 2018 Mattiello Lecture Award during his presentation at the American Coatings Conference on April 11 in Indianapolis. Fernando’s Mattiello Memorial Lecture was titled “Rheological and Colloidal Aspects of Latex-Associative Thickener Formulations: Overcoming the Remaining Challenges.”