EDEN PRAIRIE, MN - Ebatco, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, has established Ebatco Academy, a program designed to provide training in testing, measurement and analysis using advanced instrumentation and techniques. The inaugural training session, “Characterization and Failure Analysis of Thin Films and Coatings,” will take place Sept. 20, 2018, in Eden Prairie. Dr. Dehua Yang, a materials scientist and president and founder of Ebatco, and Dr. Eric Smolensky, an analytical chemist with experience in nanoparticle surface science and education, will teach the course.

The course is designed for new and experienced technicians, engineers, analysts and scientists working in research and development, analytical labs, testing centers, and quality management in a number of industries, including adhesives and coatings. Attendees will learn about a variety of areas related to thin films and coatings. The course will also include a guided tour of the Ebatco NAT lab.

For more information, visit www.ebatco.com.

Ebatco is a nanotechnology-focused service and development company that provides nano- and micro-scale analytical services, consultation on nanotechnology applications, and scientific instruments.