BETHESDA, MD – The Adhesive and Sealant Council’s (ASC) Training Academy program for 2013 will consist of eight webinars, with five currently on the calendar and three being placed in early 2013.

“Adhesive and Sealant Technology Types,” a two-part course on various technology types, will take place February 6 and 13, 2013. Dr. Hartwig Lohse of Klebtechnik will be the trainer. The course will help participants develop an understanding of various adhesives and sealants technology types in the building and construction, assembly, and transportation segments.

“Assembly Operations 101” will take place March 6, 2013. Dave Nick of DPNA International will be the trainer. Participants will gain a greater knowledge of adhesives and sealants in assembly operations, including their use in appliances, electronics, alternative energy and medical equipment. 

“Adhesives 101,” a two-part course on the core foundation of adhesives, will be offered May 8 and 15, 2013. Dick Hartshorn of ChemQuest will be the trainer. Participants will acquire the essential foundation of knowledge necessary for understanding the science and technology behind adhesives and the many markets and applications that benefit from their use.

“Packaging 101” will be offered July 10, 2013, with Dave Horwat teaching the course. Participants will learn about the different types of adhesives bonding and application methods related to their use in the packaging industry.

“Additives 101” will take place September 18, 2013, with trainer Dave Horwat. Participants will learn the basics of additives including plasticizers, tackifiers, fillers, thickeners with PVOH, wetting agents, dispersants, defoamers, biocides, adhesion promoters, humectants, safe solvents, xlinkers, antioxidants and waxes.

ASC will be adding additional courses over the year as it expands the Training Academy to incorporate some of the successful programming delivered in 2012. It will add new programs based on industry dialogue and need.

Details on the program and registration information can be found at