AMSTERDAM — Royal DSM has launched its new Coating Resins website with the aim of giving the coatings industry a greater insight into the bright science and application expertise driving new levels of performance in coatings.

Resins are an essential part of any coating, representing the backbone of any paint, lacquer or ink. The new website delves into the entire DSM technology toolbox, including waterborne and powder coating resins, energy cure and plant-based resins, and solid acrylic and solventborne resins. It also provides insight into the various benefits and advantages of coating resins solutions, with colleagues explaining first-hand how DSM plays a key role in solving real-life industry challenges in specific markets and applications.

From an environmental standpoint, the new website also outlines how the coating industry can meet the increasing demand from consumers and regulators alike for more sustainable solutions. DSM has now aligned its commercial strategy with the UN Sustainable Development Goals of ensuring healthy lives and promoting wellbeing for all — at all ages (SDG 3); responsible production & consumption (SDG 12); and climate action (SDG 13).

The Coating Resins website explains how sustainable coating resins are safeguarding healthy living by removing potentially hazardous substances like VOCs from coatings, tackling climate change by limiting the amount of energy used to create products, and reducing waste by using renewable materials like plants to create next-generation resins.

Fredrik Hjelmqvist, Managing Director of DSM’s Powder, Can and Coil Coating Resins business, said, “As our insight and understanding of customers’ industries and end-user applications becomes greater, we are able to create genuine solutions that address real problems for customers – like improved corrosion resistance and increased durability of coatings in hard-wearing applications. Perhaps even more important, this new website highlights the significant role that powder coatings play in shaping the future of our planet thanks to the substantial sustainability benefits.”