WAALWIJK, The Netherlands — Royal DSM has launched a website a dedicated to its Decovery® products. The new site marks a significant step for this technology, which is a unique family of plant-based paint resins that deliver sustainability benefits with no compromise on performance.

The new website charts the evolution of Decovery as it enters new markets like building and construction and furniture. It also aims to educate the wider paint industry ecosystem on the science behind plant-based paint — from environmentally conscious consumers, to brands, designers and architects.

Today, the Decovery family contains anywhere from 30% to 50% plant-based content, comprised of seeds, tree bark, corn, castor beans and other agricultural waste. It subsequently delivers a potential 34% carbon footprint reduction and is already available in a zero-VOC product for the wall paint segment.

The new user-friendly and largely graphics-driven website includes first-hand accounts from recent customers and end users in the building and construction and furniture sectors.

As demand for sustainable coatings that respect the beauty of natural materials continues to grow across the value chain, DSM is now testing a new Decovery resin for hard-traffic flooring with a performance equal to current urethanes. More information can be found at www.dsmdecovery.com.