TORONTO — DCC LANSCO announced the next major steps being undertaken with the merger of the two companies, Dominion Colour Corp. (DCC) and LANSCO Colors. Since April 8, 2018, the combined teams have made significant progress. The next step is to align global sales and customer service teams to continue to provide the service customers have come to expect.

Effective July 1, 2018, the combined company's sales outside the United States will be managed by Peter Baggen, VP Sales, and all customer orders will be processed by the customer service teams in the UK or Canada.

Effective Aug. 1, 2018, Frank Lavieri, EVP/GM from DCC LANSCO's offices in New York and Rhode Island, will manage the combined company's sales and customer service within the United States. Bob Neu and Jon Morrison in Sales and Priyesh Khatri in Customer Service will be joining the DCC LANSCO USA team.

In the coming months, customer experience will be enhanced by having local inventory of DCC manufactured goods stocked in the LANSCO USA warehouses and LANSCO products stocked in European and global distribution warehouses. More information regarding key sales and customer service contacts will be forthcoming.