ITASCA, IL — ICP Industrial has opened a production plant in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico, located in the north of Mexico City. A division of Innovative Chemical Products Group, ICP Industrial manufactures Nicoat® and MinusNine varnishes.

The new production plant of ICP Industrial Mexico, consists of 42,000 square feet, provides work for 22 people, has a research and development laboratory, and produces water-based and UV-based coatings. The new plant will supply production and distribution to Mexico and Latin America.

The inauguration of this new plant marked an important milestone for ICP Industrial. It is the first production plant outside the United States and reaffirms the company's commitment to manufacture products of the highest quality in Latin America to meet demand for UV- and water-based coatings for the printing and packaging markets.

"ICP Industrial chose to install this important production plant in the Metropolitan Zone of Mexico, due to its proximity to local and Latin American customers that it will supply," said Paul Grzebielucha, President of ICP Industrial. "The availability of highly skilled labor, access to printers and converters, and the support of local public officials were also key factors in our choice of this attractive location for the new production presence of ICP Industrial."

The design of the building incorporates characteristics that aim to reduce the consumption of energy and water, reflecting ICP Industrial’s commitment to environmental management.