ELMWOOD PARK, NJ — Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney announced the start of its fourth Global Paint & Coatings study. According to the firm, global coating consumption in 2019 is expected to reach just over 100 billion pounds and achieve a value of some $145 billion. Dollar value will depend upon 2019 exchange rates as well as any price inflation. Growth is placed at a modest 4% annual rate. Coatings volume in 2019 will be up more than 70% from 10 years ago.

The Asia-Pacific region will represent about one-half of the 2019 volume with China comprising about two-thirds of the region’s consumption.  Europe and North America are more mature regions for coating growth representing 21% and 16% of the poundage, respectively.  South & Central American countries, led by Brazil, are projected to take 6% of the global volume.

More environmentally acceptable coatings continue to capture global share.  Water-based technology will represent 56% of the 2019 volume which is up from a 50% share ten years ago.  Powder coatings share of industrial coatings will rise to 13% from a level of 11% in 2009.  Radiation-cured coatings are a small percentage of coating volume but continue to outperform market growth, particularly in plastic and wood applications.

The above information is based upon Kusumgar, Nerlfi & Growney’s upcoming multiclient study, Global Paint & Coatings, 2019-2024, which is available through subscription. Interested parties are invited to contact the company by calling 201/773.0785 or by e-mail at nerlfikng@cs.com.  Further information can be obtained at www.kusumgar-nerlfi-growney.com.