Royal DSM has launched a new Hybrane™ product. The product, Hybrane CY235, will drive standards in the ACE, general industrial and car refinish metal coating industries by enabling enhanced coatings performance, higher throughput and reduced energy consumption.

Based on DSM’s proprietary technology, the new Hybrane CY235 product leverages the high functionality of the Hybrane molecular structure to deliver unprecedented performance standards. Unlike other high-solid acrylic resins, which typically require forced drying conditions at 60 °C for 30 minutes, Hybrane CY235 only requires a curing temperature of 40 °C. In this way, Hybrane CY235 can deliver energy savings of up to 48% compared to standard alternatives.

In addition, because of the faster drying possibilities, the resin shortens the spray booth cycle time by 20%. Under typical workshop conditions, for example, car refinishers can paint two extra jobs every day, driving throughput. Crucially, these operational benefits in no way compromise the performance of Hybrane CY235, which delivers excellent hardness, a high-quality appearance with distinctiveness of image, and high reactivity without compromising on pot life.

More information on the product can be found here.