BERLIN — Beckers Group announced that it will increase prices for its main coil and industrial coatings product groups by 8% globally. This increase will be implemented in the first quarter 2019, or as permitted by contract.

Beckers Group’s CEO Boris Gorella has cited the continuing costs pressure in raw materials as the reason for the price increase. “The Beckers Group is continuously reviewing its processes to increase efficiency,” said Gorella. “Building on our coatings expertise, we will however need to pass on part of the cost increases to ensure the continuation of our product development programs and our exceptional customer support.“

Christophe Sabas, President Coil Coatings Europe, Africa & Americas, said, “We are suffering for the second year in a row from significant price increases of key raw materials. Cost control, a strong support from our procurement and our R&D teams allowed us to mitigate this cost inflation only partly; therefore we need to adapt our pricing to the market reality, in order to continue to deliver the same high standard of coatings solutions to our customers.”

A similar situation is echoed by Paul Menezes, President for Coil Coatings Asia & Middle East, “Despite significant measures implemented to reduce cost, we are no longer able to absorb the escalating raw material costs without raising our own prices.”

“Implementation will be done in close alignment with our valued customers, but is absolutely vital to maintaining our service level, product quality and long-term innovation capabilities,” added Christian Vogel, President Industrial Coatings.