PPG’s two-component PPG SPECTRACRON® 385 POLY-IOTHANE™ high solids primer is formulated to provide outstanding durability in severe and corrosive environments.

With an unlimited recoat window, the polyurethane primer is designed for operations that require fast topcoat times. Its wet-on-wet (WOW) capabilities increase shop throughput when paired with a PPG Spectracron two-component polyurethane enamel, with which it shares a hardener.

Tint capable and available in white and gray, PPG Spectracron 385 Poly-Iothane primer has excellent flexibility, chemical resistance, and direct and indirect impact resistance. It has maximum VOC emissions of 3.5 pounds per gallon.

The primer is suitable for industrial equipment, material handling equipment, building materials, telecommunications and heavy-duty equipment applications.

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