At Stand 1-416, Ferro Pigments offers a comprehensive range of pigments, including a highly diverse array of complex inorganic color pigments (CICPs), ultramarines, corrosion inhibitors, iron oxides (blacks, reds, yellows, including high heat fastness grades of the latter), chrome oxide greens, bismuth vanadates, transparent iron oxides and organic pigments.

The latest innovations include:

  • PS24-3950 (PBr 29), a new IR black pigment.
  • Nubifer NB-803K, a bluish black manganese ferrite (PBk33) that provides cost-effective, durable black color to coatings even at very high processing and/or end use temperatures.
  • 21-5801, 21-5901 and 21-4345, nickel-free cobalt titanate green (PG50, CMR free classification), with excellent chemical, heat, light and weather resistance, suitable for all kinds of coatings applications.
  • PV62 (28-5333), creation of a new C.I. No. offering a unique violet shade with excellent fastness properties.
  • Nubirox 302, a non-zinc-based anti-corrosive pigment designed to increase anticorrosive efficiency and performance in a wide range of paints, including high-performance glossy DTM applications.
  • Nubix V-9 and Nubix V-40, unique reddish shade ultramarine violets (PV15) with high tinting strength in comparison to conventional grades.
  • Lysopac Yellow 6607B (PY184), the newest generation bismuth chemistry with superior tinting strength, excellent hiding power and very low mill base viscosity, allowing a high pigment loading. 
  • Acetanil Yellow 7416C (PY74), new grade PY74 with improved solvent fastness and improved re-crystallization behavior in strong solvent environments.
  • Lysopure range, new azo-pigments with improved purity profile for use in sensitive applications like napkins, indirect food packaging etc., have been added and now cover the greenish yellow to the bluish red color space.
  • Lysopure Yellow 1118C (PY111); Lysopure Yellow 5518P (PY155); Lysopure Red 7039C (PR170); Lysopure Red 8439C (PR184).
  • Diacetanil Yellow HTT 8317C and Diacetanil Yellow HTT 8319C, two new diarylide pigments yellow 83 with outstanding transparency and low viscosity in solvent-bases ink systems (nitro-alcohol/acetate) and mono-solvent-based systems.
  • Eco-Lysopac range, this range of hybrid pigments for lead chrome replacement has been extended with new color solutions.

In addition to the above, the company is also showcasing the latest additions to its vast “Cool Color” pigments portfolio. This includes ultramarine blues, such as Nubicoat HRD (PB29), which shows great synergies in combination with high- performing cool black Chrome Iron Brown Hematites (PBr29 and PG17), providing them with a very bluish undertone with no detriment to their cool properties.