Active Minerals International, LLC (AMI), is exhibiting its Min-U-Gel® attapulgite products for rheology modification, syneresis control and suspension at Stand 7A-301. In addition, AMI is featuring two other unique products: Acti-Gel® 208 additive, a highly purified magnesium aluminosilicate, which provides several uncommon and valuable benefits in coatings, and Acti-Min® PG a cost-saving kaolin extender pigment.

“The 2017 European Coatings Show was a great success for our inaugural exhibit due to a strong global demand for our Min-U-Gel attapulgite products over the past few years,” said Donna Kidd, Vice President of Global Sales. “We look forward to exhibiting at ECS this year where we can learn more about our customers’ needs and interests and share our innovative technical solutions.”


Rheology Modification and Much More

For many decades Min-U-Gel 400 attapulgite thixotropic thickener has been the best value for low-shear rheology control (flow and leveling, sag control, spatter resistance and more) in a wide range of liquid systems. It is most valued as a reliable stabilizer that is derived by its unique colloidal lathe-shaped particles forming a lattice structure that keeps liquids and particles more evenly dispersed and suspended. The uniformity it creates generates unique multi-functional performance benefits well beyond rheological properties, such as syneresis control, suspension, improved tint strength, reduced pigment flooding and in-can stability. “High-quality gel-grade attapulgite products, like Min-U-Gel 400, are tried-and-true additives used by most major house paint manufacturers in North America,” said Jeff Carr, Director of Technical Sales & Marketing. “It can be a drop-in replacement to other mineral thickeners or partially replace and enhance cellulosic fibers and associative thickeners to lower cost and improve overall coating properties.”  Min-U-Gel 400 is unlike other rheology modifiers as its viscosity does not fade from prolonged shear and it is impervious to ionic and bacterial conditions.

AMI is introducing an improved technology with Acti-Gel 208 purified magnesium aluminosilicate. It provides all the great benefits of Min-U-Gel 400 thixotropic thickener but with several added benefits, including increasing solids without raising viscosity. Its lower dosage and easy dispersion makes it an ideal post-add (or add-on-top) fix for syneresis and stability problems, without changing rheology. In color concentrates, Acti-Gel 2018 provides improved flowability to aid droplet formation and improves long term stability. Its low dosage has no impact on color and 5-10% higher pigment loadings are possible without increasing viscosity. In plasters, Acti-Gel 208 acts as a mix stabilizer and rheology modifier to create a tighter cement/aggregate bond, greatly improve troweling, extend workability, eliminate efflorescence and mottling, and reduce water permeability.


Cost-Reducing Kaolin Extender Pigment

Air-float kaolins have long been used in a variety of coatings providing desirable performance advantages in enamel holdout, sheen and gloss control, anti-settling, and sanding, but their low brightness restricted their use in many coating applications. Acti-Min PG kaolin extender pigment was developed with a higher brightness and suitable particle size to replace higher cost water-washed kaolin products in coatings. Acti-Min PG provides three distinct advantages over popular water-washed kaolins: lower raw material cost, higher sheen and gloss control and greater TiO2 replacement.


Secure Supply

In the past two years AMI has made several significant production expansions in both its attapulgite and kaolin operations to improve supply and service. Through a robust ISO 9001 registered Quality Management System and a dynamic continual improvement culture, AMI has a well-proven track record of consistent quality, on-time/in-spec shipments and customer satisfaction. In addition, being one of the top 100 exporters in the U.S. coupled with strong logistic capabilities, AMI provides excellent service to our international customers. Equally important is that our mining operation, which won the top reclamation awards from the Georgia Mining Association six years in a row, is well positioned to meet the global demand for high-quality gellant attapulgite and kaolin crude for several decades.

For information, visit or contact Jeff Carr, Director of Technical Sales and Marketing, at