At ACS Booth #764, Active Minerals is introducing its next-generation product to Min-U-Gel® 400 attapulgite – Liquid Acti-Gel® 208 purified magnesium aluminosilicate. It provides superior suspension, eliminates hysteresis, has the lowest residue of mineral thickeners and is virtually inert. Formulators can increase solids without a rise in viscosity, making it perfect for sprayable coatings. In color concentrates it greatly improves flowability, provides excellent droplet formation and pigment loading can be increased 5-10%.

Essential to a coating’s quality is that its dispersion of diverse raw materials is uniform and stabilized. For several decades Min-U-Gel 400 attapulgite has reliably satisfied this quality challenge. Its tried-and-true, consistent performance has served as the undercarriage in coatings through its multiple benefits, like improved syneresis control, flow and leveling, fast thixotropic recovery without fading, and in-can stability. It is also the most economical rheology modifier.

New data will show the low dosage and easy dispersion of Liquid Acti-Gel 208 makes it the ideal post-add fix for syneresis and settling problems without changing the workability of the coating. Other data shows its use in conjunction with urethane thickeners to make them more comparable to ASE. Another suggested use is replacement of acrylic emulsion copolymers in textured finishes where highly shear-thinning characteristics are needed. Liquid Acti-Gel 208 can reduce or replace other mineral thickeners and cellulose.

One of Liquid Acti-Gel 208’s greatest benefits over dry powder rheology modifiers is its packaging as a pre-dispersed liquid. It’s ideal for customers seeking auto-dosing and a lower environmental impact with no dust, pallets and bag disposal. For large volume users a free bulk tank installation is available.

Visit Booth #764 to learn more about how Min-U-Gel 400 and Liquid Acti-Gel 208 thixotropic thickeners and suspension agents can help improve the quality of your coatings and lower your costs.