Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is presenting a vast offering of products and services at Stand 7-145. The Inorganic Pigments business unit is featuring a full range of premium-quality iron and chromium oxide pigments under the brand names Bayferrox® and Colortherm®, including its NEW RED pigments marketed as Bayferrox 500 series.

With these NEW RED pigments, LANXESS completes its product range for bright yellow-shade red pigments. Based on independent tests by leading paint and coating manufacturers, LANXESS has adjusted the color of these products for the new Bayferrox 500 series. Final standards are now set, and all trial products are renamed as regular sales products. The most yellow-shade red iron oxide pigment in the LANXESS portfolio is now Bayferrox 502, which is characterized by the highest chromaticity in both full shade and reduction. Therefore, LANXESS is able to offer customers the entire spectrum of red iron oxide pigments.

The company has also been producing micronized red pigments using the Laux process for decades. Laux pigments also meet the most stringent requirements. These calcined pigment types have a unique property profile, which distinguishes them from all other iron oxide pigments available on the market for paint and coatings applications. First, the micronized red pigments from the Laux process have the highest milling stability. Even when subjected to high shear forces during the dispersion process, they show excellent resistance to color change. Secondly, these pigment types also lead in terms of temperature stability. They are thermally stable to temperatures of 800 °C, while red pigments (hematite, Fe2O3) produced using other manufacturing processes are typically only resistant to a maximum of 400 °C due to their chemical structure.