MASSILLON, OH − In an effort to ensure optimal and sustainable screening equipment processes and productivity, Midwestern Industries Inc., Massillon, Ohio, has expanded its advanced, full-scale screening test facility capabilities for customers, free of charge.

Comprised of over 10,000 square feet of Midwestern’s manufacturing headquarters, the Midwestern Materials Testing Lab is an excellent tool for customers to make informed decisions about their screening processes. End-users can use the facility to gain quantitative data regarding their screening processes by running real-time, full-scale material tests for new applications, as well as improve on existing applications.

Midwestern provides testing with production-size equipment at no charge other than the cost of sending in a 55-gallon drum of material to be test screened or separated. Once the material is tested, fast, reliable and accurate results are provided to tell customers which machine performs best and how efficiently it can run their material (i.e., tons per hour, etc.). This data provide vital screen processing insight to maximize bottom-line productivity.

A staff of screening professionals at the lab work with clients to make sure the desired piece of equipment will do exactly what it is meant to do and accomplish their screening goals, ensuring the quality of size and type of equipment before purchase. Feasibility tests are done on all types of major machines (round, rectangular, etc.) by running samples of aggregates and fine powders from 20 microns and up. Product batches and super sack tests are also run to see if screening will meet the optimal standards set forth by the end-user.

Midwestern professionals are available to go over the testing procedure and maintain constant contact with customers during the process, either on-site or via a GoPro video provided by Midwestern, along with a paper copy of sample test results. Midwestern also keeps an archived library of blind/confidential test result video samples to streamline end-user education.

For additional information, contact a Midwestern Sales and Service Screening Consultant at 877/4-SIZING), or fill out a screening questionnaire at