Axalta Coating Systems established fine textured powder coatings in architectural quality in the market more than 20 years ago. Since then, the fine sandy surface finish of these products has set new benchmarks in façade design. With its Optimum line, Axalta now offers the next generation of fine textured powder coatings.

These RAL-based finishes enable improved productivity and higher application efficiency. The improved transfer efficiency and the optimized penetration at edges and corners enables a higher coverage is achieved with the same volume of powder, hence consumption can be reduced, and conveyor speed increased compared to conventional super-durable powder coatings. The easy processing of Optimum powder coatings allows for a faster operation of the coating plant and also a reduced number of rejected items.

In terms of appearance and durability, the Optimum powder coatings also set new standards. The coated, super durable surface has a uniformly fine textured effect and an extra matt finish. They also feature enhanced UV fastness and outstanding resistance to scratches and damage. The Qualicoat Class 2 and GSB Master certified Optimum powder coatings in super-durable quality are currently available from stock in 25 architectural RAL-based colors, with more shades to follow.