WILMINGTON, DE – Dow Microbial Control has officially changed its name to DuPont Microbial Control, marking the alignment with the DuPont brand and the successful separation of the Dow company from DowDuPont.

“By further integrating core capabilities across biotechnology, chemistry and material science under the DuPont umbrella, we are able to solve challenges associated with global mega-trends in a sustainable manner,” said Michael Sheehan, Global Business Director of DuPont Microbial Control. “As part of DuPont, the Microbial Control business is in a unique position to collaborate with customers and deliver innovations that enable them to succeed and prosper.”

DuPont Microbial Control offers a portfolio of actives, brands, testing, lab capabilities and technical expertise. The shared expertise of two biotechnology providers – Dow and DuPont – yields a distinctive combination of regulatory leadership, product stewardship, microbial expertise, and an unmatched understanding and anticipation of customer needs.

“Bringing bioactives and microbial control together allows us to explore new avenues to advance science,” said Richard Strittmatter, R&D Director of DuPont Microbial Control. “On the cutting-edge of bioscience today, we are dedicated to advancing and improving the sustainability, integrity and efficiency of products and processes for a better tomorrow.”