Chromaflo Technologies announced the release of a new black colorant, the latest addition to its thermoset product line. The black is associated with Chromaflo’s DL line of products and has a product code of DL-020017.

Created by Chromaflo’s Thermoset technical team, the new black colorant targets the polyurethane market, which encompasses a host of different applications. The colorant is uniquely different in that it contains 40% high structure carbon black, and its thixotropy allows the product to readily flow with no need for agitation.

Benefits of the DL-020017 new black include:

  • Ability to achieve a jet-black color at lower loadings;
  • Lower loading provides a cost-to use-benefit, less impact of the colorant and properties of the final product, and less inventory; and
  • A low viscosity that allows for ease of handling, including the ability to pump or meter.

“Our goal in the creation of this new colorant was to fill the need for a high-color-strength, low-viscosity black in the polyurethane market,” said Lisa Collette, Technical Service Representative – Urethanes. “Tested for color strength in an array of polyurethane systems, this new colorant has the 40% high structure carbon black and low, stable viscosity that users are looking for. Our goal here at Chromaflo is to create colorants that provide consumers with a fresh look and approach to their products and this new colorant does exactly that.”