CLEVELAND — Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings has developed its new FIRETEX® FX6002 intumescent passive fire protection (PFP) coating to provide developers and fabricators across Europe excellent speed of curing and dry handling times with the highest levels of protection in the event of a fire.

The features of FIRETEX FX6002 - based on a proprietary reactive binder unique in this market sector - give PFP applicators a drying time of one hour and can be used without a primer or topcoat in most environments without losing the highest levels of durability.

The ultra-fast drying characteristics result in faster overall project completion and cost reduction, and provide up to 120 minutes fire protection and long-term corrosion protection to the steelwork.

“This coating has been rigorously fire tested under the requirements of European fire testing standard EN13381-8 & 9 and British standard BS 476-20 & 21 for structural steelwork and cellular beams,” said Roger Williams, Market Director - FIRETEX, EMEAI & APAC at Sherwin-Williams Protective & Marine Coatings.

“In addition to the enhanced stability for steel structures that this patented technology delivers in the event of a fire, applicators can now transport steelwork within hours compared to days for conventional water-based, solvent-based and epoxy-based products,” added Williams.

In-shop applicators of intumescent fire protection can benefit from the 92% volume solids composition of FX6002, resulting in low levels of VOCs comparable with many of today’s water-based intumescent products. The product also dries to leave a smooth, highly aesthetic finish.