ACEMATT® 3400 is the new matting agent in the ACEMATT product family from Evonik Resource Efficiency GmbH. It is specially developed for high-transparency clear coatings and soft-touch coatings with smooth surfaces.

ACEMATT 3400 is a surface-treated, thermal silica with medium particle size of 7.5 µm. The improved grind performance results in a smooth surface finish with outstanding optical and haptic properties.

This highly efficient silica is intended for use in clear coatings and water- and solvent-based coatings. Typical application fields include wood coatings, plastics and automotive coatings. In addition, this new type of matting agent can be used in high-solids and low-VOC formulations.

In regards to rheology, the special after-treatment of ACEMATT 3300 and ACEMATT 3400 prevents the adsorption of associative thickeners in water-based systems. Likewise, when formulated with particular polyurethane binders, it can also improve the soft-touch feel.

ACEMATT 3400 can be easily incorporated into the formulation; no high shear forces are needed, thus, the bead mill can be skipped. Furthermore, ACEMATT 3400 can be added to the coating formulation at the end of the process, allowing for a post-adjustment of the gloss level.

ACEMATT matting agents are high-performance silica developed for gloss reduction in a vast range of applications in the paints and coatings industry.