MÜNZING is more than defoamer experts – the company helps customers perfect their paints and coatings by recommending or creating specialty additives. Whether you’re looking to promote equilibrium, decrease surface tension, optimize abrasion resistance, improve flow, reduce viscosity or simply enhance quality in your products, stop by Booth 307 to learn how MÜNZING delivers innovation and expertise across the board.

Highlights at the Eastern Coatings Show are high-performance slip aids such as EDAPLAN® LA 414 and EDAPLAN LA 415, products based on the company’s organo-modified polysiloxane technology that were designed to provide excellent slip and improved scratch resistance in both water- and solvent-based systems, and AGITAN® 786N, a powerful and highly efficient defoamer with superior persistence to shear and aging.

For more information, visit https://www.munzing.com/fileadmin/templates/_media/downloads/product-brochures/AdditivesWaterbasedSystems-EN.pdf