At Booth 39, Siltech is focusing on two innovative silicone solutions. Siltech C-4475-65 is a 65%-active dispersion of a very high-molecular-weight polydimethylsiloxane gum. It is a very effective additive for both water-based and solvent-based coating systems providing excellent slip, mar resistance, gloss, anti-blocking and release effects. Tin catalysts are not used in the manufacture of this product, and non-aqueous volatile compounds are stripped to very low levels.

Silmer TMS Di-50 is a 100%-active trialkoxy functional cross-linking silicone. Silmer TMS Di-50 is especially formulated to react and provide durable properties. Silmer TMS Di-50 provides excellent durability, shine, water repellency and release properties to many surfaces including concrete, roofing, rubber, countertops, etc. Additionally, Silmer TMS Di-50 can be used in UV-cured systems to provide a secondary cure.