SKOKIE, IL – NAPCO Ltd. (North American Polymer Co.), a refinishing product developer and distributor, announced plans to release three new products for the cabinet and countertop refinishing market this May. All three products are additions to NAPCO’s new Kitchen Renew product line and are environmentally friendly and formulated specifically for safe use on countertops and cabinets.

“With the success we had with the Kitchen Renew line, we knew expanding our product variety was the next step for NAPCO as a refinishing industry innovator,” said Dani Nichols, President of NAPCO. “We used our customers as our guides to help us build upon our kitchen cabinet and countertop product line. The new products we’re announcing were driven by NAPCO’s commitment to developing refinishing products that meet the needs of today’s refinishers.”

The new products include two waterborne refinishing coatings, both of which are glossier versions of NAPCO’s Kitchen Renew Satin Clear Gloss. Additionally, NAPCO will also introduce a new one-part waterborne primer. 

Kitchen Renew Gloss Clear for Countertops – New countertop coating for consumers that want a higher gloss finish on their countertops. 

Kitchen Renew Gloss for Cabinets – New cabinet coating for consumers that want a lacquer or enamel-style finish for their cabinets. Just like NAPCO's current coatings, this too can be color matched or tinted to any color from pink to black.

Kitchen Renew Waterborne Primer – New one-part, waterborne primer can be applied under Flint-Stone™ or to cabinets to fill in wood grain as needed.  It can be easily tinted to match almost any color.  

“We listened to and acted on our customers’ demands for a waterborne primer that works with both cabinets and countertops,” said Steve Coven, CEO of NAPCO.  "NAPCO’s new Kitchen Renew Waterborne Primer was initially developed for our refinishers who want to prime before applying Flint-Stone. In development, we realized that it could also be used on cabinets to fill in wood grain or to hide darker stains before applying the Kitchen Renew Cabinet Coating. We’re proud to say that refinishers can utilize 100% waterborne solutions in the kitchen with the use of this versatile waterborne primer."

NAPCO first introduced its Kitchen Renew line of refinishing products for countertops and cabinets last year. Before that, the company focused solely on providing products and training for bathroom refinishing. The addition of the three new products marks NAPCO’s continued expansion into the kitchen countertop and cabinet refinishing market.

“When we launched the Kitchen Renew line, we understood the influence it could have within our industry,” continued Coven. “We’re ecstatic to see the success our refinishers have had incorporating these extended products and services onto their refinishing business.”

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