DELTA, British Columbia — Founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, in 1969, HERO Products Group is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

The HERO Products Group of ICTC Holdings Corp. is a leading manufacturer of precision paint dispensing and mixing equipment for the architectural paint and coatings industry. HERO’s product line includes colorant dispensing and mixing equipment for point-of-sale and in-plant production equipment. The company has sales and manufacturing operations in Vancouver, British Columbia; Turin, Italy; Mumbai, India; and Cologne, Germany.

HERO products are sold and are in use throughout the world by large paint retailers and manufacturers, from Afghanistan to Singapore and from Toronto to Los Angeles. HERO also has sales and field technical service representation in most countries of the world.

HERO automatic dispensers use a proprietary Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP)® technology, which delivers unmatched precision, durability and dispensing speed.

According to Chris Kosmala, VP of Marketing and Key Accounts, “Semi-annual or annual calibrations are not required with our automatic dispensers, leading to the lowest cost of ownership in the industry. In addition, we work closely with our customers, paint manufacturers and paint equipment companies to create products that are easy to use and service, and fit a wide range of applications.”

To acknowledge its 50th anniversary, HERO Helps HERO Products Group announced a program aimed at helping independent paint retailers recover from the devastating effects of wild fires, tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding and other natural disasters. Anytime an independent paint or coatings retailer suffers an equipment loss due to a devastating natural disaster, HERO will assist existing or new HERO customers by offering special discounts and/or financing to help businesses recover and re-establish their businesses.