PORTLAND — Nova USA Wood Products, supplier of high-quality hardwood products and accessories, recently marked its 15th anniversary with a 100% increase in year-to-year sales revenues for its proprietary wood stain and fastening products. Launched in 2005 as a manufacturer and distributor of premium tropical hardwoods, the company has continually expanded its presence nationwide through the ongoing introduction of real wood solutions like its proprietary line of ExoShield Wood Stains, ExoClad Rainscreen QuickClips and ExoDek QuickClip Hidden Deck Fasteners.

“Over the past 15 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the deep understanding of the exotic wood needs of our customers and high-end markets they serve,” said Steve Getsiv, President and CEO of Nova Products Inc. “This included the development, manufacture and distribution of the finest architectural grade wood products, innovative decking and siding fastening systems, and our own premium exterior wood stains sold under the ExoShield and Apitong Oil brands.”

Nova USA Wood offers a wide range of accessories developed to greatly enhance the beauty and durability of virtually any exterior premium hardwood project. The company’s ExoShield Wood Stain was specifically designed to provide long-lasting, superior protection for exterior decking, siding and outdoor furniture.