PORTLAND, OR – Nova USA Wood Products Inc. has expanded the palette of its ExoShield Wood Stain with the addition of new Platinum and Antique Bronze colors. Specifically designed to provide long-lasting, superior protection for exterior decking, siding and outdoor furniture, these two new colors join with ExoShield’s existing Natural, Mahogany, Walnut and Black Walnut stains to create naturally-durable wood finishes with exceptional color stability.

“Many homeowners and designers want the look of weathered wood, which can normally only be achieved over time,” said Steve Getsiv, President and CEO of Nova Wood Products. “However, the ability to protect against moisture, UV rays, and fungus/mold is often lost when high-quality, long-lasting stains are not regularly applied to exterior hardwood and softwood exterior products. With ExoShield, users can ensure a luxurious, aged look that offers superior protection – characteristics that are especially achievable with softwoods like cedar, Douglas Fir and pine.”

Using a proprietary blend of Tung oil, UV blockers, fungicide and trans-oxide pigments, ExoShield’s water-resistant, acid-resistant formula is ideal for enhancing wood stability, reducing cracking or warping, delaying graying and protecting against water damage, fungi and harmful UV rays. In addition, ExoShield applications are extremely cost-effective, costing as little as 16 cents per square foot on tropical hardwoods.

“There are very few gray exterior wood stains that can match ExoShield’s quality and long-lasting results,” added Keaton Smith, who leads Nova USA Wood Product’s sales efforts. “Our new colors offer users the choice between differing shades of gray with Antique Bronze offering a slightly darker, softer tone with olive tinges that emulate an aging barn. In addition, our Platinum ExoShield stain is a little lighter and provides a silvery luster that resembles aged tropical hardwoods.”

Another ExoShield advantage is the ability to mix any of the colors in its palette to create differing stain shades. For instance, users have found that a touch of Black Walnut added to the company’s standard Walnut produces a rich medium-brown color with red undertones. Another great mix is Walnut and Mahogany, which have been combined to create warmer darker Mahogany colors.

For more ExoShield information, visit www.novausawood.com or call 503/419.6407.