WAGNER now offers the 2K Smart liquid paint mixing and dosing system as a ready-to-connect complete system — 2K Smart C. The new system is delivered with configured paint supply – fully documented and with CE declaration. The equipment can be put into operation within one day in just a few steps and ensures perfect surfaces with high mixing accuracy. Fast color changes, exact material dosing and durable components ensure high cost-effectiveness.

The 2K Smart C is particularly easy to operate and is an "all-round carefree package" for the process steps of preparing, feeding and mixing in liquid paint coating. The system is delivered pre-assembled on a rollable rack including drip tray. Depending on the number of integrated pumps, the rack is available in different sizes. The control of the mixing unit is also already part of the complete system - as a separate ATEX control unit for explosion protection conforming to EU directives or mounted directly on the rack. For high process reliability, the multi-color 2/3K mixing system automatically doses up to three components, which enables recipe and color changes in minutes, minimizes cleaning effort, and reduces solvent consumption by up to 90% compared to manual mixing.

With the 2K Smart C, WAGNER launches the first electronically controlled mixing and dosing system for several colors on the market, which is already supplied with pre-installed paint supply. All material and air hoses are already installed, as well as necessary accessories such as agitators, material containers or suction systems. For easy commissioning, the pumps are already assigned in the 2K control system. The effort for installation and commissioning is thus reduced to connecting the central air supply, first flushing and creating the recipes.

"Instead of compiling all the components - from the simple screw connection to the complete mixing unit - individually from catalogues and rack one's brains over parts lists, WAGNER sales partners can configure this system completely via the WAGNER distributor online shop. This minimizes the effort involved in submitting quotations and processing orders. The complete delivery of the tested system also reduces the risk of unexpected complications on the construction site," said Carsten Ludwig, Senior Product Manager Liquid at WAGNER.

The 2K Smart C processes up to four colors and three components and can be supplied with three to six pumps. It is suitable for almost all applications in which work pieces are coated with 2K or 3K materials. The solution is particularly flexible to configure. For example, the suction system can be varied, as can the material containers or other equipment details.

"By combining low-pressure diaphragm pumps with a WAGNER Cobra 40-10 high-pressure diaphragm pump in the paint supply, the system can be quickly converted from a low-pressure to a high-pressure system. This opens up even more flexibility with regard to application fields and coated work pieces and saves solvents in flushing processes," said Ludwig.

As in the case of the 2K Smart mixing systems already tried and tested on the market, the patented AIS valve (Adaptive Injection System) is also used as standard in the newly available 2K Smart C. This proven feature adapts the hardener injection to different material flow rates for particularly homogeneous coating results. For flow measurement, WAGNER offers gear flow meters for double diaphragm pumps and stroke sensors for piston pumps. The latter calculate the flow over the stroke at the pump without coming into contact with the material. This additionally reduces wear and cleaning effort.

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