LEOMINSTER, UK — TQC Sheen UK and C&W Specialist Equipment have moved and now share a new location in Leominster, Herefordshire, U.K.

By sharing a property, TQC Sheen and C&W can use each other's expertise to better help their customers, not only in terms of advice, but also in terms of service. The U.K. operations include sales, service and calibration on TQC Sheen and C&W Specialist Equipment products.

The shared location of both companies is a logical step. The Dutch TQC merged with the English Sheen Instruments in 2017 and has since continued as TQC Sheen. C&W Specialist Equipment joined the group in 2019. C&W Specialist Equipment specializes in accelerated corrosion and environmental test chambers that provide controlled environments to test and simulate how components will perform when exposed to natural weathering elements. TQC Sheen represents perhaps the most extensive range of paint test equipment, varying from a vast range of viscosity meters, automatic film applicators, scrub and scratch testers, to gloss and color meters, thickness gauges, and drying time testers.

TQC Sheen UK is the U.K. subsidiary of TQC Sheen BV. The group headquarters is located in the Netherlands where the company’s production, logistics, application lab and R&D center are housed near the city of Rotterdam.