The TQC Sheen Amine Blush Detection Kit, used for surface analysis of protective coatings for amine exudate (blush), is now available from KTA-Tator, Inc. (KTA). The hard case kit contains a 50 mL nebulizer bottle, 100 pieces of visualization papers, and a set of tweezers. Spray the surface in question with the orange-color test solution, watch for the color change on the surface, and compare the reacted surface color to the color gradient chart provided with the kit. Visualization papers can be used if the surface coloration cannot be easily seen. Amine is commonly used in the curing agent of epoxy coatings. Excess amine that is not consumed in the curing process can react with moisture (cool/damp and high humidity conditions) and carbon dioxide, causing discoloration and intercoat delamination.

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