KTA-Tator Inc. offers KTA Tape/Knife Adhesion Test Kits for adhesion testing of protective coating systems. The kit contains all the equipment and consumables needed to perform adhesion testing according to ASTM D3359, Rating Adhesion by Tape Test (the most frequently purchased standard in the D01 series according to ASTM International). Each kit includes an X-cut template for testing coatings greater than 5 mils (Method A) and a cross-cut template with 2 mm spacings for testing coatings from 2-5 mils (Method B), a roll of CHT tape (with a Certificate of Conformance), utility knife with spare blades, and an illuminated 5x magnifier, all protected by a Pelican-brand carrying case. The X-cut and cross-cut templates are designed to ensure incisions are made correctly, and since the cuts are made individually the user can be assured of penetrating through the coating down to the substrate without having to make multiple attempts. The X-cut template can also be used for conducting adhesion testing according to ASTM D6677, Evaluating Adhesion by Knife.

Cutting blade sharpness is critical to prevent chipping of the coating when making incisions. When a cutter blade bundle dulls on competing kits, a new bundle must be ordered costing nearly $100. When the knife blade dulls in the KTA Tape/Knife Adhesion Test Kit, the utility knife blade is either reversed or a new blade is installed for pennies.


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