PPG AQUACRON 270 Series waterborne acrylic sanding primer is a fast-drying, single-component primer/sealer for interior wood, wood-related and plastic products.

Designed for conventional, HVLP (high-volume, low-pressure) and commercial airless spray systems, PPG Aquacron 270 waterborne sanding primer offers good hardness and adhesion and excellent sanding properties in a convenient, ready-to-spray product. Due to its water-based formulation, the primer also has low VOC content.

“PPG Aquacron 270 sanding primer combines exceptional performance with faster drying times,” said Michael Kowalski, PPG TRUEFINISH® light industrial coatings (LIC) coordinator. “This new primer dries to the touch in 10 to 20 minutes and can be recoated or finished with a topcoat within one to two hours. The product also gives manufacturers the opportunity to accelerate their production processes because they can use ordinary tap water to thin or reduce the viscosity of the primer.”

PPG Aquacron 270 sanding primer is engineered for application with PPG Aquacron 200, 201, 380 and 870 series topcoats. It is ideal for interior building and decorative products, such as doors, windows and trim, shutters, cabinetry, furniture, signage and displays.

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